The time it was bookish mail {16}

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Wow.  It’s been months since the last time I’ve posted one of these. So, let’s check out what I’ve gotten in the mail, shall we?


When Princess of Thorns came out, I seriously thought about driving up to Northern California to be there for the launch party. I loved that book with a sickness and I desperately wanted a signed copy. I wasn’t able to make the signing, but I was able to get the last copy the of the signed stock the bookstore had.

sjIf you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have seen me talking about some surprise book mail I got.  On two different occasions, I got a notification from UPS stating that I was getting a delivery of 12 pounds of books.

Twelve. Pounds.

In both cases, the books were glorious. And there was one in particular that was extra special.  My arc of An Ember in the Ashes had what looked like a little doodle in it.  Even though I know it would be considered blasphemy, I figured that maybe someone was having fun.  Alas, it wasn’t a doodle at all, but Sabaa’s signature!

stRobin Constantine is so lovely.  I was so in love with her first book, The Promise of Amazing and may or may not have bugged her for an interview. And then one day, I got surprise email from Robin offering me a copy of her new book, The Secrets of Attraction. Of course I said yes because my greedy hands were just itching for it.

It’s amazing and you should definitely add it to your TBR.

rcBy now, you guys know all about my love for Michelle Hodkin and my ownership of Noah, right? When Michelle was at YallFest last year, Katie was going to be there too and she so lovingly offered to get me a personalized copy of Retribution. Katie asked what I wanted the inscription to be and what I answered back with was sort of a joke, but not really.  Katie is so awesome that she asked Michelle and Michelle did it!

And it’s such an amazing inscription.

mh1Last, but never ever least, my love for Tamara Ireland Stone knows no bounds.  Even though I don’t get to see her as much as I would like, I know that we always have a standing date at every one of her launch parties.  It’s sort of a tradition now.

Tamara DM’d me one day and offered me an arc of her new book, Every Last Word. I was beyond thankful and so excited.  After I happily sent her my address, she told me there was one stipulation that I had to agree to before she would send it to me.  At first I thought it was going to be that I couldn’t brag about it.  While that would have been hard, I have had to keep things I’m reading quiet and I was certain it would have been worth it.  I immediately agreed.

And then she told me what it was: I had to promise that I wouldn’t skip to the end. I had to read the book without cheating. Perhaps that’s not a big deal to a lot of people, but it is to me.  I read the ending first all the time. Most of the time.  Pretty much every time.

I still agreed.

When I got the book, Tamara had filled the book with bookmarks in various spots and each one had a special message.  I don’t think I could adore her more.

tis1 tis

Obviously I’m a spoiled brat.


What pretties have you gotten in the mail lately?

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5 responses to “The time it was bookish mail {16}

  1. Stacee!!!! I am so jealous with the inscription on your copy of Retribution!!! Gosh, I should’ve thought of that when she came here and had a book signing. Michelle wrote “Happy birthday!” on my Retribution because it was a gift from my friend.

  2. Ah, so many gorgeous books Stacee :D You are the most luckiest. And all kinds of awesome. <3 So jealous of all the signed and precious books :) And aaack. Every Last Word looks so awesome. <3 You are great for not peeking :D I must always peek too, lol. Hope you'll love all the books sweetie. <3

  3. RETRIBUTION! I have not read it yet. *hangs head in shame* I think I am going to wait until vacation and read the first two and then Retribution in a marathon. I got Persuassion in hardback. It was a giveaway prize and it was supposed to be personalized, but it was only signed. *big frowny face*

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